Venetian Mirrors have a long record in Venice, Italy, dating back to the 15th century. It's a complete work of art that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime.

Only when Venetian mirrors are constructed in the traditional manner do they have their particular charm.Alfa Design is delighted to say that we manufacture those mirrors in the traditional fashion, which dates back to the 15th century. They are entirely constructed by hand. We specialise in the creation of Venetian mirrors.

With a decorative style marked by transparency, lighting, reflections, and an overall sensation of deep elegance, the high level of craftsmanship allows each element to be customised and produced according to the customer's wants and tastes, much like a fitted suit.

Venetian Mirrors – How Is It Made in India?

The Alfa Design Factory in Nagpur, India, is India's only Venetian Mirror factory, producing handcrafted Venetian mirrors using an age-old technology invented in Venice in the 15th century. This short documentary depicts the entire process of creating a Venetian Mirror.

Glass cutting – The first step in creating a flawless Venetian Mirrors is cutting the glass into a precise shape so that it may fit perfectly and be more aesthetically created. Accent Mirror uses a traditional method of cutting glass by hand.

Artistic Bevelling – This is unquestionably the second most significant consideration when creating any mirrors. Bevellingensures that the mirror is more gleaming and polished on all sides.

Glass Engraving – This is without a doubt the most crucial aspect of making a Venetian Mirror. Engraving aids in the embedding of the design in a mirror. Our experienced workmanship completes this process entirely by hand.

Silvering – Silvering ensures that the mirror is silvered from the back in order to remove the mirror's transparency.

Polishing – Polishing a mirror is a vital step in making it look more gleaming from all angles.

Assembly – The mirror's appearance is determined by the assembly. Assembling the mirror in MDF in the same precise shape as the mirror in wood. This marks the completion of a traditional Venetian mirror masterpiece.

The high level of production allows each aspect to be customised and realised according to the customer's preferences and needs, much like a tailored suit, with a decorative style distinguished by transparency, lighting, and reflections and a deep elegance.

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