Venetian Glass Mirrors for Your Home

Venetian glass mirrors have been prized for their beauty in various parts of the world for hundreds of years. Beautiful works of art were created on a little island off the coast of Italy, and they now hang in the houses and palaces of kings and queens. The ability of blowing glass and making mirrors was passed down from father to son, and a group of Italian craftsmen finally started making mirrors that drew the attention of Europe’s nobles during the Renaissance.

Individual pieces of hand blown glass are joined to a timber frame with small screws and rosette covers to create the mirrors. Because of its thinness, clarity, and vibrant hues, the glass was one-of-a-kind. The underside of the glass was frequently etched with designs. Until this point, mirrors had a practical use by providing illumination to rooms with little natural light. The bottom half of the frame of several of the mirrors had candle holders incorporated into it. The purpose of the mirror was to reflect the light from the candles and therefore brighten the chamber. When the European nobility saw how beautiful Venetian mirrors were, they employed artisans to create even more extravagant mirrors to show off their wealth to their friends.

Venetian Mirror
Large Venetian Mirror

Some of these historic Venetian mirrors can still be found in private houses and museums across Europe. And these masterpieces are still being created by artisans in Italy today. Thankfully, there are also less expensive copies available in a variety of styles and price ranges that would look well in both traditional and modern settings. Venetian glass mirrors can be quite ornate, resembling Renaissance versions, or very plain, resembling merely the general notion of etched glass for a contemporary look.

A large Venetian mirror may transform a living or dining area into a focal point. In a bedroom or bathroom, smaller mirrors may be appropriate. Another nice place to install a mirror like this is in the entryway. Today’s Venetian glass mirrors serve the same dual duty as their Renaissance counterparts. If you hang one in your home, it will let in more light and make the room appear larger than it is. You can also appreciate the beauty of the mirror and, if desired, dazzle your friends. This could explain why antique mirrors have remained popular for millennia.

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