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Alfa Design is a leading exporter of mirrors around the world. Alfa Design is a leading exporter of mirrors around the world. The Alfa Design company exports mirrors from all over the world. Alfa Design has been exporting mirrors since 2008. Our company is based in Nagpur, India. Rather than focusing on quantity, we prefer quality with moderate prices. Venation, Modern, and Antique mirrors are among our major products, made by our professional employees who got trained by Italian venation experts. It is our aim to make products original and classy in it’ssit’ssit’ss unique way, which is why all of our products are made by hand by our experienced employees. Our products are mainly exported to the USA, Canada, Gulf countries, and the European Union. Having a single unsatisfied client affects our entire business model. We have alumni in Bollywood films and 5 star hotels. AlfaDesign has over 100 professional employees. Our company makes thousands of venation mirrors each year for big organizations and hotels. Alfa Design was founded by Armaan Malik. He started this business because he was tired of seeing small and simple mirrors that were overpriced. Our long-term vision is to make venation mirrors more popular and ensure every house can be decorated with them. We offer free consultations on mirrors, including what size is best for your house and which mirror to buy based on your budget. Customers can contact us here if they have any questions or concerns.

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The Alfa Design Outlet is the INDIA best online destination for mirrors, whatever size, colour or style you’re looking for to complete your home, you can find it here. Whether you’re looking for an ornate mirror for a hotel lobby or a classic mirror for your mantelpiece, you can explore our collections of designer mirrors in different shapes, sizes and finishes to find the perfect fit for your room.

Our Core Values

Quality & Innovation

We are determined to deliver best-in-class quality, coming up with in-trend-and-beyond designs.

Customer & Community

Customer satisfaction is our main focus, which is the basis of our customisation services. We take our contribution to the community seriously and believe in delivering more than what we take.


Integrity and Honesty keeps us on our path, making us persevere unless we have achieved our cause.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Teamwork is the foundation of all that we have achieved so far.

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